Help and FAQ

Here are a few common questions and answers, which we hope are helpful to you.

Do I need to have Internet access when I use the apps?

Yes. The apps have many videos, audio files and images. For this reason, we deliver these items from our server each time you use your app. If we were to include all of these files in the app download, the file size would be huge and take too long to download.

Tip: Be sure you are connected to the Internet when you use the apps. Your connection needs to be good enough to access

What if I get a message that says ‘Network Required’?

That means that you are either not connected to the Internet or your connection is not fast enough.

Tip: Try using the apps in a location that has a better Internet connection.

I’m in the 2nd English Course on the USA Learns Web site. Will these apps help me?

Yes! The best way to improve our English is to practice, practice, practice! With nearly 500 vocabulary words, these apps are sure to include some words that you don’t know or could practice for fluency.

What do you do with the money from app sales?

Income from app sales is used to support the free USA Learns Web site and will fund future enhancements to the site.

Where can I get more English practice?

Is USA Learns on Facebook?

Yes! Please “like” us at to see our fun and educational posts that will also help you practice English.

Where can I get technical support?

If you need help with any of the USA Learns English apps, contact us at