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What is Access America?

Access America is an intermediate-level course that helps new immigrants learn about life in the United States. The course contains 5 units with over 100 videos on important topics for getting along in the U.S.

Places in the community Hard Skills Hard Skills

The topics include:

…and more!

In addition to learning about these topics, you’ll also follow the journey of the Martinez family as they adjust to life in the United States. The family has experiences that are common for immigrants, from difficult times to happy ones.


Each lesson includes a video of Diego or Elena having a conversation with someone from their community, for example, a neighbor, a teacher, a boss, or a customer service employee. These conversations will help you learn common expressions that people use in everyday speaking.

Asking Directions School Receptionist

English Learning in Access America

Before you watch each video, you’ll learn and practice key vocabulary words to help you understand it.

Lesson Screenshot

After you watch the whole video, practice activities will give you a chance to re-watch short clips and answer questions to make sure you understand the information.

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For Diego and Elena’s conversation videos, you’ll watch short clips and answer questions before you watch the whole video.

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After each conversation, there is a “Notice the Language” activity and a grammar lesson related to what you heard.

Lesson Screenshot Lesson Screenshot

Each lesson also has a reading activity with exercises, and a review activity at the end of the lesson will help you remember what you’ve learned. At the end of each unit there is a short test to check your knowledge.

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Are you ready to learn about life in the U.S. and to practice your English?

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