Good news! Are you studying USA Learns Citizenship? We have NEW activities to help you get ready for the naturalization process!

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A video crew shoots a new USA Learns course

USA Learns Citizenship - New Videos and Activities!

USA Learns has added new activities to the citizenship course that will help you apply for naturalization and pass your interview. These include:

  • 40+ new or updated videos
  • 8 new practice interviews, and
  • 15 new activities for learning about your community

The new videos cover important information about subjects like how to file your N-400 online, how to get legal help, how to use some helpful websites and apps, and how to keep your personal information safe online.

As always, the USA Learns Citizenship course provides you with hours of instruction and practice that covers all parts of applying for naturalization, from getting started with your application and preparing for the interview, civics, reading, and writing tests to everything you need to know about the day of your interview and what happens after that. Sign in or create an account at to get started with this free course.

A video crew shoots a new USA Learns course

New Course – Access America!

USA Learns has a new course! Access America is a course for students with an intermediate level of English who want to improve their language skills while learning about how to succeed in the United States. The course includes more than 100 videos, along with vocabulary, speaking, and grammar instruction. Follow the progress of an immigrant family as they learn about life in their new country, and practice English skills for everyday activities like using public transportation, renting a home, banking, and getting children into daycare and public school. The course also covers important workplace topics like searching for jobs, interviewing, job skills, and how to find the right career. In addition, Access America teaches the English language you need to improve your digital skills, with information about computer security and instructions for how to use many useful websites and apps. Sign in or create an account at to get started with this free course.

A computer, tablet, and phone display the USA Learns homepage

USA Learns Now on Phones!

Exciting news! You asked for it, and it's here. USA Learns is now available to use on phones, tablets, and computers. With a generous grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, the USA Learns team developed using responsive design. That means students who would like to study English on their phones or tablets can do the activities and watch the videos with ease; even on a smaller screen. All the reasons you love USA Learns on computers can now be reasons you love USA Learns on the go. You can continue studying your favorite USA Learns courses on public transportation, waiting in line, during work breaks, while your children are studying or doing homework on the family computer, and so much more. You won't lose any work you've completed. Just use the same account, and all your activities are saved no matter which device you're on. Sign in or create an account at using your Internet browser on any device and start watching your English improve!