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CNA CourseThe Skills for the Nursing Assistant course teaches the language and academic skills to help you successfully communicate with patients and co-workers on the job. This course is ideal for students with English skills that are High Intermediate and above. It will help you prepare for a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant or other jobs in the health care field.

Characters from USA Learns' 1st English Course Characters from USA Learns' 1st English Course

The course has four lessons: Effective Communication, Nonverbal Communication, Communication Barriers, and Communication Strategies. Each lesson teaches listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar, along with the job-related topics.


What will you learn in the Skills for the Nursing Assistant course?

As a care provider in the health profession, your ability to understand and clearly communicate with your clients, your supervising nurse, and members of your team will be a critical part of your work.

Smiling Nurse with patient

In these four lessons you'll learn the meaning of effective communication and strategies to help you become an effective communicator on the job. You will also practice academic skills that will help you succeed in your studies.

Each lesson begins with a short lecture. Listen to the lecture as many times as you need to, and take notes in an outline form.

Smiling Nurse taking notes

You'll need to learn a lot of academic and medical terms. Always write down new vocabulary words and use a dictionary when you're not sure about the meaning.

Characters from USA Learns' 1st English Course Characters from USA Learns' 1st English Course

You will do many activities to practice your pronunciation. This will help you improve your speaking skills and your confidence when communicating.

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What’s the most fun part of the Skills for the Nursing Assistant course?

The fun begins when you apply your new knowledge in the lab setting as part of our team working with patients. Our CNA students Trisha, Eric, and Paula practice communication skills and one Core Skill in the lab. Observe their mistakes and successes, and then practice the steps.

CNA Core Skills CNA Core Skills 2

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