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How to Start Learning English Free

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Video Script:

Welcome to the USA Learns website. In this video, I will tell you how to start learning English free with USA Learns. You will learn how to register, choose an English course and sign in next time.

On the USA Learns homepage you can register and sign in.

When you register on USA Learns, your work will be saved and you’ll be able to see your scores. You only need to register once. And don’t worry. Registering on USA Learns is easy and free.

The next time you visit USA Learns, you will sign in. When you sign in, you’ll be able to continue learning English online.

Now I’ll tell you how to register on the USA Learns site. On the homepage, click the ‘Start Now’ button. Enter your email address. Then enter your first name and your last name.

Next, think of a password. Your password must have at least 6 letters or numbers or both. There cannot be any spaces in your password. Type the password in the last two boxes. Be sure to remember your password or write it down so you can sign in next time.

Finally, click the Register Now button. It’s easy!

Next, you will choose an English course.

We recommend that anyone who wants to learn English free start with the ‘1st English Course.’ You will learn how to read, write and speak basic English if you start with the ‘1st Course.’

You are welcome to choose from any one of the three current courses. Think about your English skills before you select a course. If you know a few English words and can read some English, you should choose the ‘1st English Course.’

If you can speak and read English and know some English grammar, you should choose the ‘2nd English Course.’

If you can speak, read, and write in English and would like more practice, you should choose ‘Practice English and Reading.’

And if you want to change your English course, you can do that at any time.

When you return to the USA Learns site next time, you can continue with your English studies. Simply click the Sign In button on the USA Learns homepage. Remember, you only have to register once.

To sign in on the USA Learns site, enter your email address and password. Then, click Sign In.

We hope that this video was helpful to you. If you’re ready to start learning English free, please go to the USA Learns homepage at and click the ‘Start Now’ button. Thank you.