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Need Help?

Below is a list of questions commonly asked by students.

Is USA Learns free?

Yes! It is 100% FREE.

I just registered on USA Learns. What do I do next?

After you register, you need to go to your email. Open the email from USA Learns. Select the link to confirm your account. This will help you later, so you can use the ‘forgot your password’ link if you need to.

Can I use USA Learns on my cell phone?

Yes! The new USA Learns site works well on smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops.

How can I use less data on my cell phone?

Watch this video for ideas about how to use less cellular data.

Can USA Learns give me a teacher?

No. USA Learns does not have teachers. But, if you are in a class with a teacher who uses USA Learns, you can enroll in your teacher’s USA Learns class.

Can I study without a teacher?

Yes! Most students study at USA Learns without a teacher.

Can I only study 1 class at a time?

No. You can take more than 1 class at a time. You can also study the classes again if you want to.

Are you having problems recording?

Do you see the 'allow recording' message when you try to speak and record? If yes, you need to tell your browser that it's OK for USA Learns to record. Here's how:

  • Go to Settings on your phone or computer.
  • Find your browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.). Click on it.
  • Select the button to allow USA Learns to access your microphone.

Students with a teacher may have more questions:

How can I enroll in my teacher’s class?

  1. Ask your teacher for the class key.
  2. Select the "Enroll in my teacher’s class" link on your homepage.
  3. Enter the class key into USA Learns.

The name of the teacher’s class will appear on your homepage and at the top of your lessons. Your teacher will see the scores of the lessons you have completed.

You can enroll in your teacher’s class at any time, even if you’ve already completed some lessons.

Can I add another teacher’s class?

Yes, you can always add another teacher’s class. You will need the class key from that teacher.

Your scores and time spent will be seen by the teacher after you enroll in the class.

Do I need a class key to start another course?

You can start any of the courses by yourself. You do not need a class key to start a course.

If you want your teacher to see the scores, you will need the correct class key from your teacher.

These questions and answers did not help me. Who can help me?

USA Learns is here to help you!

Please email and tell us what kind of a problem you are having. Describe the problem and give as many details as you can in the message so that we can help.