USA Learns Resources

We pulled these resources together to help teachers as they use USA Learns. We hope you find them to be helpful!

USA Learns Overview This document describes the basics of this project, including target audience, site features and more.
Curriculum Scope and Sequence A description of our three English courses, including key vocabulary, grammar and language functions/life skills of each.
USA Learns English Apps Students can watch videos from the 1st English course, practice listening, learn the course’s vocabulary and practice speaking by recording their voice – on their mobile device.
Intake Assessment for Students Not sure which course a student should start with? Your students can complete a short intake tool that will suggest a place for them to start.
2nd Course Video Scripts We bet you can come up with many creative ways to use these scripts!
“More Practice” Resources Looking for extra practice for lessons and skills? Visit this URL to find helpful resources for your students.
Webinars for Teachers and Library Staff Here are several archived webinars to help teachers and library staff get started using our USA Learns Citizenship and English as a Second Language courses. There's also a brief how-to video about using USA Learns' teacher side. These webinars were presented to library staff, so if you work in a different setting, no worries. The same information applies to everyone.